with Stacey Devine, MD

3 Strategies To Help Breast Cancer Thrivers

Reduce the Risk of Recurrence and Minimize the Side Effects of Treatments

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Gain insight into how lifestyle can impact your risk of recurrence.

Learn how important your lifestyle is for your body’s ability to help fight cancer and heal. You will learn about factors independent of your tumor type that reduce the risk of recurrence. I will share some studies that highlight how an integrative approach improves outcomes.


Learn what may be missing from your current care.

Survivorship care is more than treating your cancer. Your WHOLE health and quality of life are also important. Integrative therapies can help reduce side effects from your treatments. At the end of the presentation, I will be sharing details about my online comprehensive survivorship program.


A Note From Your Instructor...

My name is Stacey Devine, MD and I am triple board certified in family, integrative, and lifestyle medicine. With my own consulting practice in North Carolina, I specialize in helping patients reverse and prevent chronic disease. 

Driven by my passion for integrative oncology and survivorship care, I am dedicated to empowering women who have been treated for breast cancer to live their healthiest lives. Through my extensive experience and training,  I have witnessed the frustration many survivors face when seeking specific guidance to reduce their risk of recurrence beyond medication, as well as the unaddressed side effects from treatments. My ultimate goal is to support breast cancer survivors in feeling their best, healing from treatments, and optimizing their health. 

Join me in this free masterclass, where you will gain valuable insights into the impact of integrative medicine on your survivorship journey. Together, we can transform your thinking and help you embark on a path toward holistic well-being.


Your health and well-being deserve your utmost attention and commitment. Register now for the FREE masterclass and unlock the potential of integrative medicine in enhancing your life as a breast cancer survivor.